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Rev. Charles Lee Watterson is a transformational leader with a depth of knowledge and practicality with pastoring, teaching, culture proficiency, coaching, and consulting within, faith-based institutions, faith institutions and not-for profit/human services organizations with over two decades of experience. Charles Watterson has entered his twenty-third year of educational experience, twelfth year in management, and 15th year in pastoral ministry.  He has had the opportunity be a consultant to ecumenical and interfaith ministries maximizing individual growth and achievement with bridging the gaps of radical inclusion and extravagant hospitality among humanity. Along the east coast of the United States. Charles has worked with psychological organizations around behavioral management in homes, schools and therapeutic settings. He continues to work with schools, psychological organizations, and faith-based organizations to provide strategic management for efficacy, productivity, and effectiveness within 21st century models.


Charles has obtained a Master of Science in Organizational Management with a concentration of Administration and Behavioral Analysis from Endicott College. He holds a Master of Science in Education and a Dual bachelor’s degree in Education and Psychology from Long Island University. Charles Has attended Nyack College and Liberty University Master of Divinity program. Along with being an ordained minister, Charles has obtained his certification as a Holistic Life Coach with the focus of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Charles is a graduate of one of Boston, Massachusetts’ finest educational leadership programs, Urban Principal Development Institute.   Charles is currently a Doctoral candidate at Drew University working on his dissertation in Radical Hospitality: Utilizing the themes of Radical Hospitality as the foundation for welcoming Multi-Faith, Ecumenical and “Others” to dwell together in Unity.


Rev. Charles has a successful track record of turnaround initiatives, advising, and consulting with ministries.  Charles Watterson continues to focus his attention on "Transforming one person at a Time." Charles can always be found analyzing cultural proficiency, equity, equality, social justice, being active on Boards, in community and caring for ALL of humanity.  In his spare time Charles enjoys spending time traveling with his fiancé.

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