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“Oh God!”Sexual Pleasure and Faith

Religion continues to have a long sorted relationship with sex and yet we find God and Spirit in these realms of pleasure. How have we been stifled or enlightened by our pleasure? How do we interact with sexual pleasure and the idea of being righteous, enlightened or good people? What are the sexual messages told and untold? Join us as we broaden our scope of what sexuality is and find creative, uplifting and positive ways to express your sexy spiritual self. 

Ignacio G. Hutía Xeiti Rivera, M.A. who prefers the gender neutral pronoun, They, is an activist, writer, educator, sex(ual) healer , filmmaker, performance artist and mother. Ignacio has over 20 years of experience on multiple fronts, including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence work, as well as mujerista, LGBTQI and sex positive movements. They are the founder and curator of Poly Patao Productions for almost 20 years—which centers the sexual liberation of LGBTQI people of color. 


Ignacio is the founder and Director of The HEAL Project—which works towards a cultural shift on how we communicate with our children about sex(uality) as a (child sexual abuse) prevention tool. Ignacio is  the creator and co-host of Pure Love Talks -- a Youtube talkshow-- with their adult daughter Amanda. They story-tell and attempt to go beyond theory-to-practice on how one navigates the broad topic(s) of sex(uality) within the institution (of the broadest definition) of family.  


Ignacio is also the founder of (Re)Nude Sex(uality) Coaching, a sexual healing practice that centers LGBTQI/POC survivor. (Re)Nude works with those who desire to renew or reconnect to sex, those who are ready to have new sexual explorations, which includes the act of self-determined sex and sexuality. Ignacio's work is influenced by their lived experience of homelessness, poverty and sexual trauma. Ignacio’s work is also driven by the strengths of identifying as transgender, Yamoká-hu/Two-Spirit, Black, Boricua,Taíno, sober, polyamorous and queer.

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