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Elyse Ambrose is a black queer woman.


As a sexual ethicist and educator, Dr. Ambrose's scholarship, teaching, and art lies at the intersections of race, sexuality, gender, class, and spirituality. Her desire for her scholarship to impact and be informed by real lives leads to her synergy of theory and practice, namely in the form of phoeniXspark, LLC which, with participants, co-creates space for the thriving of sexual and gender selves, and offers workshops with organizations seeking to engage gender and sexuality in their workspaces in more just ways. Dr. Ambrose has been featured in Huffington Post, Medium,, and Vice. 


Dr. Elyse Ambrose is a graduate of Howard University (B.B.A, 2007) and of the Interdenominational Theological Center (M.Div., 2013) and Drew University (Ph.D., 2019). She is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in New York City. 

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