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We will spend the day looking at the ideas of 'sex" and unpacking questions that are hardly discussed within the context of spirituality:How does the subject of sex affect one's faith journey?


  • How does one heal when their essence as a sexual being has been violated spiritually, emotionally and/or physically?

  • What taboos exist and how do we arrive at a place of respect even if our faith doctrine disagrees?


Through informative workshops as well as a dynamic panel, we will look at these questions and so much more.




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**LGBTQ Faith Matters is a non-profit initiative of Pink Love Wellness. Visit PLW at

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Webinar Begins

10 min 45 sec

Rev. Jerri Mitchell-Lee

"Sexuality and Spirituality: There is a Connection"


1 hr 

25 min

Ignacio Rivera

“Oh God!” Sexual Pleasure and Faith

2 hr 

38 min

Panel Discussion

With Q&A 


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